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Our founder, John White writes a weekly social media column for Inc. Magazine. He has been featured and interviewed for his expertise in brand marketing in several other well-known publications. We can help your company get featured too! We will promote your brand to top publications within your niche.

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Content Marketing

The content we create will enable you to educate potential customers about your business' solutions and will land them on your website ready to engage with your brand. Our writing services include the following:

  • Blog posts
  • Whitepapers
  • Ghostwriting
  • Company e-newsletter
  • Infographics

LinkedIn Marketing

  Increase your sales with LinkedIn!

  • Higher level of visibility within your industry
  • Improved ranking in profile views to top 1% of LinkedIn
  • Target prospects to get you more meetings
  • Content distribution - We help you post educational value based content that attracts interested buyers from your industry
  • 500-1000 new targeted LinkedIn connections each month
  • Connect to key decision makers - Account penetration within your industry!
Start with one or implement this strategy company-wide on the profiles of all your top experts.

Social Media Marketing Courses

Are you struggling to develop an effective strategy for your business on social media? Are your social media networks failing to produce leads and traffic to your website? Schedule a training for yourself or your team with Inc. Magazine Social Media Columnist, John White.

About John White

John White is a globally recognized columnist for Inc. Magazine with over 175,000 followers on social media (verified Twitter page). Creator of viral content on social media. Interviews for Inc. include Mark Cuban and Gatorade. Founder of Social Marketing Solutions in Fort Collins, CO. I help entrepreneurs and brands develop the right message and deliver it to the right audience by using the latest strategies and growth hacks in social media marketing. Whether you are trying to promote your organization's products or services and engage with clients or prospects, or an individual promoting your talent to recruiters or hiring managers

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