Our Executive Personal Branding Package comes with media features, podcast interviews, lead generation, content writing, and targeted social media growth.

Leads developed through a CEO’s social media activities convert 7 times more frequently than other leads! In today’s online world, now is the time for CEOs to focus on personal branding and building a digital footprint that can be found by potential customers, investors, and stakeholders. Our personal branding package.

In an era of unpredictability, when consumers are turning to authentic and inspiring companies they can trust, a strong personal brand for the CEO is crucial. When you become an authority figure everything in business becomes easier: sales, investor relationships, getting speaking engagements, and landing meetings with your “wish list.”

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Matt Sweetwood CEO of Greener Process Media Profile

Our Personal Branding Packages

You’re busy running your business. As an executive you have a lot on your plate We get it. Let us handle building your personal brand! We will use a proven set of strategies to help you become THE recognized authority figure in your industry. When you become recognized as an expert, you can attract more business. 

Before Building Client’s Brands I Built My Own From Square One

Eight years ago, I had no online presence at all. Nobody knew who I was in the business outside of my small circle and I was miserable working in the corporate world in a job I hated. Everythng changed when I started developing content and building a personal brand. I quickly outgrew my corporate job, and became an entrepreneur doing something I love. These days, I have over 350,000 followers on social media, have been in the media countless times, and become a globally recognized figure within my industry. Most importantly, I used my personal brand to build a business and lifestyle that I LOVE. 

I developed these personal branding packages so that others can thrive in their industry doing something they love. We use a proven set of strategies that will take you to the top. And the best part is that we do all the heavy lifting. You just have to share your ideas. We turn them into great pieces of content including features in top media publications!

In today’s world, your prospects want to make human-to-human connections. Many top CEO’s are using their online presence to drive sales for their company using their online presence as the engine. As the image shows, people prefer to follow humans than brands! Get started with our personal branding package and building your online presence to stay ahead of your competition.  


Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our Content Marketing Services. Instead, here are some are some highly credible people that will do the hard work for us.

John led our PR, content marketing, and social media marketing efforts in the USA. He was responsible for numerous media placements in publications like Entrepreneur, HuffPost, and Inc. Magazine. His team helped us acquire an additional 2 million English speaking users on our platform. He grew my personal social media following by 65k users.

Javier Camara
CEO, beBee

When I first started with John, my company had virtually no social media following and our web traffic was really low. Since working with John, our company’s leads have increased by at least 50%. John has helped me get featured in major media outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine and a brand feature by Reuters News Agency.

CEO, Transcription Outsourcing

My social media following has grown by over 150k followers, I’ve been on major TV networks, featured in major publications, become a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, spoken at conferences around the country, and published a best-selling book. I highly recommend SMS to grow a powerful personal brand that attracts attention.

Matt Sweetwood
CEO, Entrepreneur Magazine Contributor

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