Want to Build a Powerful Network on Twitter? Start by Unfollowing Celebrities

Recently, I passed 43,000 followers on Twitter. The impressions on my tweets went over one million in the last 30 days, and Twitter has become the top traffic generator for my website (even bigger than Google).

I attribute a significant portion of my success on Twitter to never following celebrities. I’m not a celebrity myself, so why would they waste their time following me back or engaging on my tweets?

Allow me to explain.

When you first sign up, Twitter suggests that you follow a large group of celebrities and other major media sources. Many people follow that advice, only because they think it’s the thing to do. They don’t realize that doing so is a huge mistake.

Millions of people read the top tweets from celebrity accounts and major news outlets, then immediately grab their phone and retweet them.

Thus, they are merely repeating the same familiar story as the next guy. Their followers aren’t getting any value.

If you are using Twitter for business, I recommend you take a vastly different approach.

The business approach

Every month I coach a handful of professionals from all over the world on how to use Twitter for their business.

Most of them come to me asking for help with a similar problem; they aren’t getting engagement from their target audience, and their community of followers is not growing fast enough.

Here is what I tell them to do to get more engagement on Twitter and grow a community of followers that are relevant to their brand.

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