Use This Hack to Grow a Huge Online Following in your Industry

I frequently write about best practices that I have developed on social media to help people effectively market their brand and reach their business goals. I generally like being helpful to people and my blog gives me the opportunity to do just that. Now, as a Brand Ambassador for beBee and this being my very first post on beBee, I would be highly remiss if I didn’t use it as an opportunity to share a best practice I’ve developed here on beBee. I’ve used this one simple trick to grow a network just under 2,000 highly relevant affinity based followers from all over the world in only a few short months.

First, join the Hives that are most relevant to your professional interests. You should have been prompted to do this while completing your sign up for beBee, but if you’re at all like me you might have been in a hurry when you first signed up. So, I recommend going into the Hives and doing a search to make sure you have the best ones that will contain the members you would like to have in your network.

Then, once in a hive you can search for people based on their ranking. beBee ranks users within the Hives based on several factors: participation, posting relevant content, and number of relevants (likes) on posts from other users. The top three users are designated as influencers in the Hive and are designated as Gold Bee. Silver Bee, Bronze Bee, gaining them high visibility within the hive. The rankings are always changing every day, so if you’re not an influencer in your favorite Hive yet, you can become one by maximizing your relevancy in the Hive! based off the criteria I described.

So, to network with the most highly relevant people in within your industry on beBee follow these steps:

1) Go to a Hive that you have identified as being highly relevant to your professional interests.

2) Click on “Bees” along the top to reveal a list of users for that Hive. Below is a snapshot of my Hive, Social Marketing Solutions.

3) Do a search by ranking to reveal that hives ranking of its members.

3) Click the follow button on the top 50, 100, etc.

4) Repeat this process in 5-10 other relevant hives.

Once you completed this process you will have followed the most active, relevant, and engaged bees in that hive (your industry). A good portion of these bees will follow you back. Boom! You are now on your way to developing a highly relevant network on beBee in no time! beBee’s affinity based networking model makes it easy for people to connect with like-minded professional in their field or to identify top prospects for your business.

Please do stay in touch with me here on beBee! As YOUR ambassador, I am here to help and glad to be given the opportunity to do so!

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