Use Pinterest To Direct Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest is very effective in driving traffic and engagement to your blog. People come to Pinterest to be inspired from learning something new and useful. It is centered around sharing ideas, content, photos, how to’s, and more. People go to Pinterest seeking knowledge, which makes it an ideal spot for a blog post.

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The first thing you need to do is create a board on your Pinterest site for your blog. Then start pinning your blogs. Pinning your blog puts it out in the Pinterest new stream, make it available to show up in keyword searches, and enable people to find your blogs when they visit your site.

Pinterest is a very visual social site. The photos are displayed in a compelling way that is visually pleasing to end users. Thus, in order for your blog to succeed on Pinterest it is essential to have eye catching pictures pinned to your blogs. The photos you choose should be catchy, clear, crisp, and related to the content in your blog.

Allow others to pin to your blog. This will help create activity on your site. ThanksHarley King for your contributions to my Social Marketing Blog board on Pinterest!

Make sure to include a Pinterest share button on your business blog. Give end users the opportunity to pin your blogs and they will. LinkedIn is a little behind the curve here, and users have to manually copy and paste the URL into a pin to share a LinkedIn blog on Pinterest. What’s up with that LinkedIn?

Use a strong intro with a call to action that invites users to click through to your blog. Provide a compelling preview of the post that creates interest.

Track the results by using Google Analytics for your website and the Who’s Viewed Your Post feature on LinkedIn. Tweak your pinning strategy based on the results.

Have you embraced Pinterest? Do you pin your blogs? Please do engage in discussion below regarding using Pinterest as a tool for marketing your blogs or anything that came to mind while reading my post.

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About the Author: John White is the Chief Marketing Officer at Social Marketing Solutions, the LinkedIn group owner of Publishers and Bloggers, MBA candidate, and contributor to Dice Tech News, Linked Into Business, and more.

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