The One Skill I Learned While Getting My MBA That Helps Me Make Money

I took what you could call the non-traditional path to getting an MBA.

I waited until my late 30’s and until I had two young daughters, one of which was still a baby. We weren’t getting much sleep, and I was working around the clock.

If that wasn’t enough, I went ahead and decided to open up the startup company that I created as a class project. All the other students waited until after they graduated to start their company if they ever ended up starting them at all.

With the one-year anniversary of my graduation just passing, I’ve had a chance to reflect a bit on the experience. I get asked questions from people like, “what did you really learn?” 

They usually look at me funny when I tell them, “I learned how to write.” Then they usually ask something, “wow, really? Didn’t you already know how to do that already without having to get an expensive MBA?”

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