The Founders of Bcause You Can Share Their 5 Tips To Keep Brands Strong In 2020

Christian Vind & Sundra Xaphakdy are co-founders of the marketing & advertising company, Bcause You Can. They are known as musicians & music producers that create custom songs for entrepreneurs, companies, public figures, and entertainers.
They shared their top five marketing tips for brands to continue to thrive in 2020.

1. Innovation

Innovating is important in the game. You have to always think ahead of the game and what steps to take next. Whether you’re a team of 1, 5, or 100, you must keep thinking of new methods, strategies, and ideas. This may require some daily, weekly, or monthly meetings with the board leaders of the company. Learn to prioritize what’s important right now and listen to your customer’s feedback on what they have to say. Implement, strategize, organize, and then execute. The cycle continues all over again because innovation never ends, and you may find challenges through the process, but that’s the best part!

2. Branding

When it comes to branding, one of the most essential key elements of your company is your logo. Logo’s reveals the story behind your company, it’s like your identity. Customers are able to identify you by what products your selling or services your offering. You want the audience to know who you are and what you are about just by looking at the logo.

3. Publicists

Having a publicist can be beneficial in many ways. They are basically the point of contact when the news and/or press want to interview your company. Publicists can reach out to media outlets on behalf of the company because it saves you a lot of time. They can help with exposure if the right pitch is made, and that’s where they come in because they know the vital tricks and trades. Having publicists gives you more credibility, which may lead to being featured in quality media publications that can potentially get you better business deals in the future.

4. Endorsements & Influencers

Everyone wants their brand to expand and to be seen in every country in the entire world! One phenomenal way to earn more eyes on your company is to have contracted endorsements, and influencers wear your shirts and/or share your services with your company’s logo on social media platforms. When they share a video or post a photo to their social media platforms, it creates brand awareness, which means more eyes on your company, and people wondering who your company is, which then leads to a possible sale & loyal customers!

5. Building Relationships

Building relationships can be highly valuable for both parties. It’s a great way to create connections and opportunities. They may know something you might not know, and vice versa. This includes knowledge in products, strategy, and how to keep sales coming along. Partnerships give everyone a chance to share ideas amongst each other, and possibly implement on how to work together so that all can benefit. It’s always important to have allies that know what they are doing and, most importantly, have trust in you.
These five tips can definitely take you to the next level! All you have to do is plan, be open to new ideas, and close-minded when necessary. Lastly, don’t give out all your secret sauces!
For more, connect with Sundra, Christian, and Bcause You Can on Instagram.
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