NFL Star Dez Bryant Shares How His Humble Beginnings Fuels His Success

Dez Bryant

It was Saturday morning. I was having my first cup of coffee of the day and checking the notifications on my phone. When to my absolute surprise I had a Twitter DM from Dez Bryant. (As in the former All-Pro Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and megastar). He wanted me to come to Dallas immediately to chat at […]

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The Truth Behind Why Your Sales People Are Losing Deals


I’ve spent a good portion of my career in B2B tech sales and business development. I believe my background in sales and lead generation has made me a better marketer and entrepreneur today. Throughout my years in B2B, I’ve seen both highly successful sales teams and ones that are failing. For this post, I’ve identified the sales behaviors that […]

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Some Content Creation Insights I Developed While Riding My Bike


I have been riding a bike since I was old enough to actually able reach the pedals. The beauty of it is that not only gets you from place to place, it also provides you will a lot of time to do nothing but pedal and think. Most of the insights that I develop for […]

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12 Live Streaming Video Tips to Build Your Brand and Business

Live Streaming Video

Linkedin is the last major social media platform to implement live streaming video. They are slowly rolling it out this year. I operated a photographic supply business and camera store for more than 28 years. During that time, I witnessed the dramatic evolution in imaging technology. With still imaging, I have seen all the variants […]

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Find Out What Your Car Says About Your Personal Brand

Cars and personal brand

When you see a big brown delivery truck you automatically think UPS. When you see a pink Cadillac you automatically think Mary Kay. Some business vehicles have been around for so long they become part of the cultural background and branding, immediately recognizable icons of decades-old businesses. However, startups don’t get that type of visibility. […]

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LinkedIn Says Your CMO Needs to Know About These 5 Marketing Trends

Marketing trends 2019

Let’s face it, CMOs have an enormous amount on their plates. With marketing becoming more complex. It seems that a CMO’s responsibilities are growing nearly every day. Keeping pace with technology and rapidly changing trends can be overwhelming at times. Even more so if you’re a CMO and your company wants you to sell more with a smaller budget. […]

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The Upsides & Downsides Of Tying Your Brand To A Social Issue

social issues

I saw this post a few weeks ago and dragged it onto my desktop. I have been thinking about it on and off since then and really can’t decide where I stand on this issue. Back in the day when I was in the ad agency business, this was not a common practice at all. […]

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How To Tell If a “Social Media Expert” Is Faking It

Social media arose quickly as a prominent way for businesses to showcase their brand. Anytime, a product or service enters into the marketplace quickly there are opportunists that move into the space and become largely self-proclaimed experts. Hence, the rise of the social media expert. Just last week I had a college senior reach out […]

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You’re In Sales Too Whether You Like It or Not

sales rep

I bravely walked in through the front door right past their “No Soliciting” sign and up to the front desk. It was a cold call. I felt so cool standing there with my BlackBerry 8700 in hand (later versions even had a color screen!). It was early in my previous career in the wireless industry, […]

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13 Expert Tips to Help You Massively Scale Up Your Instagram Following


Instagram is always changing the way it operates. Getting engagement on the platform can be challenging when they make unannounced tweaks to their algorithm. They change their algorithm to prevent people from developing “hacks” that can make someone appear more popular by inflating their numbers. To prevent your engagement from dropping when Instagram changes their […]

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The NBA Championship is More Than Just Hoops. (It’s Marketing, Sales, and Jobs)

NBA Hoops

If you think the NBA Championship is just another bunch of basketball games, think again. Now you may be asking yourself what basketball has to with marketing and sales? Or maybe you’re not, because you have the necessary business acumen to get that this isn’t just business, or even just big business…but major league huge […]

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