UK Influencer Oliver Isaacs Shares How to Go Viral on Today’s Internet

When it comes to going viral on the Internet, there may not be a bigger expert on the planet than Oliver Isaacs. He is a serial entrepreneur, social media guru, and a top influencer in the UK. Oliver’s social media pages are well known and regularly reach millions of users every month. He has given… Read More

How to Get Rid of Bots and Fake Followers on Social Media

Just like fake news, fake followers are a massive problem on social media. Not only can having a lot of fake followers damage your social credibility, but it can also hurt the distribution of your posts. In other words, if you have fake or low-quality followers in your social networks, only a small number of your… Read More

Social Marketing Roundup – 4.18.17

Here are just a few of the stories that grabbed our attention in the social marketing space last week. Gatorade and Snap John White interviews senior executives from both companies to find out how they are leveraging mobile to inspire athletes. Read the full story back on Six brand lessons from the Kardashian… Read More

The One Skill I Learned While Getting My MBA That Helps Me Make Money

I took what you could call the non-traditional path to getting an MBA. I waited until my late 30’s and until I had two young daughters, one of which was still a baby. We weren’t getting much sleep, and I was working around the clock. If that wasn’t enough, I went ahead and decided to open up… Read More

Tips for Crafting Share Worthy Content

Written By: Chase Baker There you are… almost ready to click “Post.” You’re a little giddy because you just know this post is going to roll in the “likes.” You’ve cleverly drummed up the perfect balance of allure and wit. Click. ………. *silence* Nope — nothing. Your post never gains any traction and quickly fizzles out. But you felt so… Read More

Use Instagram to Improve Your Company’s Visibility

We live in a very visual world. Gadgets that are visually stimulating are dominating the tech marketplace, from high definition flat screen monitors and TVs, iPads, larger screen smartphones, and now even smartwatches. Our interpretation of the world we live in and the way we take information is largely visual. Is your company doing all… Read More

Globalization Via LinkedIn – My Perspective

Written By: Qamar Ali Khan My friend John White wrote an article “Globalization Via LinkedIn” a few months back. It is a simple but a magnificent article on the topic, beautifully describing how social media, particularly LinkedIn, is playing the vital role to bring people and businesses all over the world close together, making the… Read More

Build Your Brand with Twitter

Did you know? Twitter is now up to 271 million monthly active users, and there are 500 million tweets coming out daily! Twitter has a global presence with users spread out to all corners of the globe. Twitter’s mission statement: “To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.”… Read More

Pinterest to Add More Male Users in 2015

Today, 71% of Pinterest’s user base of 72.5 million is female. The site is hugely popular amongst female users coming in 2nd place only to Facebook for the highest rate of female online user percentage. Pinterest is alive with women pinning about arts and crafts, gardening tips, recipes, fashion, home decorating, and more! While the number of male users has… Read More