Here’s Why Brand Loyalty is Not Totally Dead

If you ask people this question, you are likely to get a lot of heated responses. Never mind that people generally pick a¬†cell phone¬†manufacturer and stick with it for years out of the need for seamless transitions. But most people will tell you unequivocally that¬†brand loyalty¬†is dead. They may not be entirely wrong — brand… Read More

UK Influencer Oliver Isaacs Shares How to Go Viral on Today’s Internet

When it comes to going viral on the Internet, there may not be a bigger expert on the planet than Oliver Isaacs. He is a serial entrepreneur, social media guru, and a top influencer in the UK. Oliver’s social media pages are well known and regularly reach millions of users every month. He has given… Read More

The Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to Using Twitter for Sales

If you use it right,¬†Twitter¬†can be a massive lead generation tool for your business. The problem is, many don’t take the time to learn how to use¬†Twitter effectively. They open an account, put out some tweets, and then wonder why there aren’t thousands of people flooding to their account to¬†follow them¬†and buy their product or… Read More

How to Get Rid of Bots and Fake Followers on Social Media

Just like fake news, fake followers are a massive problem on social media. Not only can having a lot of fake followers damage your social credibility, but it can also hurt the distribution of your¬†posts. In other words, if you have fake or low-quality followers in your social networks, only a small number of your… Read More

The Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to Using LinkedIn for Sales

Every day I talk to entrepreneurs who are struggling to use LinkedIn to promote themselves and their business. Their profiles look like their resume and the focus is on their past instead of the value their business provides to clients. They are unsure of what type of content to share or how to find prospects… Read More

How to Write Posts That Actually Get Read and Shared

I had a call the other day with an¬†entrepreneur¬†who told me that his blog articles are like an echo chamber; it feels like he is talking to himself. He’s investing a ton of time and effort into creating posts, but they are not getting any¬†engagement. In fact, hardly anyone is even reading them at all.… Read More

Susan Rooks (The Grammar Goddess) Joins Social Marketing Solutions as Editor in Chief

Friday, December 22, 2017, Fort Collins, CO.¬†Susan Rooks joins Social Marketing Solutions, LLC (SMS) as editor. SMS is a social media marketing agency founded by John White, named a top 5 most influential CMO by¬†Richtopia, entrepreneur, and columnist at Susan has 25+ years‚Äô experience in international communication skills training, having created and led workshops… Read More