How to Get Rid of Bots and Fake Followers on Social Media

Just like fake news, fake followers are a massive problem on social media. Not only can having a lot of fake followers damage your social credibility, but it can also hurt the distribution of your¬†posts. In other words, if you have fake or low-quality followers in your social networks, only a small number of your… Read More

How to Write Posts That Actually Get Read and Shared

I had a call the other day with an¬†entrepreneur¬†who told me that his blog articles are like an echo chamber; it feels like he is talking to himself. He’s investing a ton of time and effort into creating posts, but they are not getting any¬†engagement. In fact, hardly anyone is even reading them at all.… Read More

Untangling the Web: Boosting the Organic Reach of Social Media Content

This is a Guest Post courtesy of our friend,¬†Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA.¬† It’s no secret organic reach of content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter has declined significantly. Algorithms actually suppress the organic reach of content. For over a month, I have been conducting some experiments and trying to figure out what works to improve distribution and… Read More

Tips for Crafting Share Worthy Content

Written By: Chase Baker There you are‚Ķ almost ready to click ‚ÄúPost.‚ÄĚ You‚Äôre a little giddy because you just¬†know¬†this post is going to roll¬†in the ‚Äúlikes.‚ÄĚ You‚Äôve cleverly drummed up¬†the perfect balance of allure and wit. Click. ‚Ķ‚Ķ‚Ķ. *silence* Nope ‚ÄĒ nothing. Your post never gains any traction and quickly fizzles out. But you felt¬†so… Read More

4 Ways To Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Reflects Your Brand

Written By:¬†Marietta Gentles Crawford, CPRW¬†(@Maribrands4You) If a picture says a thousand words, does your LinkedIn profile picture speak volumes or is it whispering “help me!”? You know by now that it’s important to be on LinkedIn. You may have even added a picture after reluctantly not wanting to be identified. But is your picture an… Read More

Think Resume Design, Think Twitter Style, See This

Written By:¬†Karthik Rajan¬†(@KarthikRajan) In late 2006, when I first heard about¬†Twitter, I was enamored with the simplicity of the idea of ¬†public text message with 140 characters or less. The world agreed. The tweets¬†caught on like wildfire. In this day and age of social media, circa 2015, resumes are still around ‚Äď people still ask… Read More

I Accepted You on LinkedIn And Then….

Written By:¬†Trent Selbrede I looked at my feed. UGH You immediately spammed me thinking I needed your product/service (I don’t). The form letter was ful uf tpyos. The ALL CAPS told me it was an important message. I better check it out! You immediately asked me to hire you, do your Visa paperwork, and fly… Read More

4 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Written By: Brett Berhoff Welcome to one of the biggest parties on Earth! ¬†364 Million people decided to show up! Now what?¬† Let’s cut to the chase and¬†explore 4 Ways to Get Noticed On LinkedIn You are your photo. ¬†Make it a good one. ¬† It is important to keep in mind, that we are… Read More

Four Lessons About Blogging I Learned the Hard Way

When I started blogging, I dove in head first and never looked back. I’ve learned a lot along my blogging journey. Mostly, through continuing to write, reading a ton of posts from other writers, working with mentors, and applying what I am learning in my MBA program. However anytime in life when you dive in… Read More