Influencer Marketing

How to Become a Micro-Influencer and Get Paid By Brands

One of the most received questions I read is how to become a micro-influencer and begin earning money. Since micro-influencer marketing is relatively new, it’s a great question. However, there is no clear-cut road map of how to start. Though, the expectation of influencer marketing will grow to approximately $16.4B […]

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6 Post-Pandemic Trends That Will Change Marketing

marketing trends

It’s safe to say that the post-pandemic era will bring some changes to the way companies do business, and the marketing industry is no exception.  Whether it’s formulating a new approach or adopting new technologies, marketers should be aware of the implications of the pandemic. The pandemic has challenged today’s […]

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The Top 7 Trends in Influencer Marketing in 2022

Instagram for Authors

In a 2021 survey by Linquia, 68% of US marketers said they were planning to use Tiktok, and 93% said they were planning to use Instagram for influencer marketing. The pandemic has played a significant role in changing the social media marketing landscape– moving from traditional to digital to now […]

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Instagram Influencer Jose Luis DeVivo Quijano Shares His Top Tips on Using Instagram to Grow a Business


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for growing your business as an entrepreneur. It allows you to add personality to your business, build a following, engage with your audience, and build success. Instagram expert Jose Luis DeVivo Quijano weighs in on how to do just that with […]

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12 Live Streaming Video Tips to Build Your Brand and Business

Live Streaming Video

Linkedin is the last major social media platform to implement live streaming video. They are slowly rolling it out this year. I operated a photographic supply business and camera store for more than 28 years. During that time, I witnessed the dramatic evolution in imaging technology. With still imaging, I […]

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LinkedIn Says Your CMO Needs to Know About These 5 Marketing Trends

Marketing trends 2019

Let’s face it, CMOs have an enormous amount on their plates. With marketing becoming more complex. It seems that a CMO’s responsibilities are growing nearly every day. Keeping pace with technology and rapidly changing trends can be overwhelming at times. Even more so if you’re a CMO and your company wants you to […]

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How To Tell If a “Social Media Expert” Is Faking It

Social media arose quickly as a prominent way for businesses to showcase their brand. Anytime, a product or service enters into the marketplace quickly there are opportunists that move into the space and become largely self-proclaimed experts. Hence, the rise of the social media expert. Just last week I had […]

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8 Reasons How a Powerful Personal Brand Will Make You Successful

If you do not have a powerful and visible personal brand you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in almost every aspect of your professional, business and personal life. Personal branding has become a requirement for anyone looking to grow their business, get a better job, get noticed by the […]

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How Data Savvy Marketers Get to Know Their Customers to Gain Their Loyalty

Data Savvy

Brand loyalty is evolving, and the emphasis is squarely on the consumers rather than the brands these days. Customers expect you to know them better than they know themselves and to treat them like the unique individuals they are. But this can be harder than it seems in today’s fast-paced world — gone […]

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How to Present Your Personal Brand So That People Remember You

For me, not having a personal brand meant several years of working at jobs I hated. In my previous career, working at large companies, I always felt like I was just a number whose voice didn’t matter. I had no influence and my social media network was pathetic. That all changed four […]

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How to Deal With Social Media Trolls

Are you familiar with this term? We’re seeing evidence of them everywhere on social media, which is a shame. As a verb, troll can mean “to post inflammatory or irrelevant material on an electronic forum to provoke responses; as a noun, it can mean “a person who posts such material.” […]

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What Tony Robbins Taught Me About Influencer Marketing

Tony Robbins

Let’s face it: Getting exposure and creating a buzz for your brand is not getting any easier. As competition is rising everywhere, marketers are stuck with a constant challenge of finding new and innovative ways to get their brand in front of customers. Many brands have turned to influencer marketing […]

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7 Influencers With Followers in the Millions Share Their Marketing Tips

Each month I consult with several companies on their social media strategy. One of the concerns they bring up is the challenge to compete with the social media presence of established brands in their industry that often have thousands if not millions of followers. Creating a marketing machine on social media to compete with […]

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6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use PR to Grow Their Business


I was unhappy and depressed and in a dead-end corporate career with high-stress/low reward. Management passed me over for countless promotions. Then, it got worse, I was fired from my job and my career was in shambles. All of this was before I had a personal brand. Eventually, I got […]

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