How to Get Rid of Bots and Fake Followers on Social Media

Just like fake news, fake followers are a massive problem on social media. Not only can having a lot of fake followers damage your social credibility, but it can also hurt the distribution of your posts. In other words, if you have fake or low-quality followers in your social networks, only a small number of your… Read More

How to Write Posts That Actually Get Read and Shared

I had a call the other day with an entrepreneur who told me that his blog articles are like an echo chamber; it feels like he is talking to himself. He’s investing a ton of time and effort into creating posts, but they are not getting any engagement. In fact, hardly anyone is even reading them at all.… Read More

Susan Rooks (The Grammar Goddess) Joins Social Marketing Solutions as Editor in Chief

Friday, December 22, 2017, Fort Collins, CO. Susan Rooks joins Social Marketing Solutions, LLC (SMS) as editor. SMS is a social media marketing agency founded by John White, named a top 5 most influential CMO by Richtopia, entrepreneur, and columnist at Susan has 25+ years’ experience in international communication skills training, having created and led workshops… Read More

The One Skill I Learned While Getting My MBA That Helps Me Make Money

I took what you could call the non-traditional path to getting an MBA. I waited until my late 30’s and until I had two young daughters, one of which was still a baby. We weren’t getting much sleep, and I was working around the clock. If that wasn’t enough, I went ahead and decided to open up… Read More

Is your blog failing? It could be because of this…

In blogging, there are many factors we cannot control. Try as we may to manipulate the “viral gods,” they keep us guessing and remind us often of their illusiveness. However, like anything else there are defined strategies and best practices that can greatly improve the effectiveness of a blog. Additionally, there are behaviors and activities… Read More

Four Lessons About Blogging I Learned the Hard Way

When I started blogging, I dove in head first and never looked back. I’ve learned a lot along my blogging journey. Mostly, through continuing to write, reading a ton of posts from other writers, working with mentors, and applying what I am learning in my MBA program. However anytime in life when you dive in… Read More

Before You Comment, Try Reading the Whole Story

Logical thinking tells us that everybody reads the actual article before posting a comment, right? Wrong! You would think so. However, every day I see people on social media who jump straight to the comment section and start sounding off, without even bothering to read the post. How can you tell they didn’t read it?… Read More

Use this App to Get More Tweet Outs of your Blog

Would you like to get more people Tweeting out your posts? Of course you would! Look no further than Click to Tweet. Click to Tweet is an awesome and inexpensive way to drive views to your blog and activity to your Twitter account. It enables you to place clickable links within your blog posts. When… Read More