Our team of PR pros will help you become THE AUTHORITY in your industry. We help you with placements in top publications and podcasts.

When you become an authority, everything in business becomes easier: sales, VC funding, social media verification, getting paid to speak, doing an online course, writing a book and so much more.

The question every company faces when building a brand is how do we tell our audience we are the best when all our competitors are also claiming to be the best? Well, you can shout about being the best all day in your marketing campaigns, but it’s much more effective when other people sing your praises. Getting media exposure paints you as an expert in your field.

There is simply no better way to build your credibility than having reputable people in the media include you in their stories.

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Our founder John White is a Columnist for Inc. Magazine and named a “branding expert” by Forbes. When you hire us you benefit from John’s extensive media contacts, and industry knowledge to make sure your pitches land in front of the right people.

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