Social media is an integral piece of every company’s marketing strategy. We will help you construct a comprehensive strategy that engages your target audience and produces sales leads.

Here’s what our social media strategy looks like:

  • Massive targeted follower growth on all platforms
  • Train executives to embrace social media and become thought leaders.
  • Engage the entire company in the social strategy, not just the marketing department.
  • Implement a defined strategy that is in line with the sales goals of the organization.
  • Social technology is used for process, efficiency and insights.
  • Training and governance are provided to employees so they are confident in their ability to participate in the firm’s social media strategy.
  • Work with 3rd party influencers to help expand your company’s reach.
  • Higher level of visibility within your industry
  • Improved ranking in profile views to the top 1% of LinkedIn
  • Target prospects to get you more meetings
  • Content distribution – We help you post educational value based content that attracts interested buyers from your industry
  • 500-1000 new targeted LinkedIn connections each month
  • Connect to key decision makers – Account penetration within your industry!

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