How The Rise of Influencers Like Michelle Phan Has Changed the Game in Advertising

We’ve all seen them: retired football players hawking dieting meal plans, retired politicians pushing pharmaceuticals, and actors swearing by the latest sunscreen in television commercials. Celebrity spokespeople are as old as celebrities themselves. Even back in the 1700’s, the royal family was hyping Wedgwood china. As marketing and advertising evolved, many companies started making up or even co-opting characters to sell… Read More

Untangling the Web: Boosting the Organic Reach of Social Media Content

This is a Guest Post courtesy of our friend, Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA.  It’s no secret organic reach of content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter has declined significantly. Algorithms actually suppress the organic reach of content. For over a month, I have been conducting some experiments and trying to figure out what works to improve distribution and… Read More

How to Growth Hack LinkedIn without Paying for Premium

Tired of consistently low-status update views across LinkedIn, I devised a plan of attack and ran a li’l experiment last week. As a social marketer, it’s my job to look for new and better ways to growth hack online – maximising UNPAID visibility and engagement for me and my clients.If you’re not familiar with the… Read More

Building a Web or Mobile App? DON’T Launch a Complete Product

This week’s guest post is written by our friend, Andrew Ward, Managing Director at ScorchSoft and MODL Don’t be lured into the trap of trying to launch a complete product when bringing a new web or mobile app to market. This statement may seem counter-intuitive, but let me explain. My name is Andrew Ward, and… Read More

Why You Should Always Consider Your Target Persona For Social Media Success

Guest post courtesy of our friend, Rikki Lear, founder of Digital 22, a HubSpot Platinum Partner marketing agency based in Clitheroe, United Kingdom. The first step of the whole marketing process is identifying who your ideal persona is and what they are interested in. If you invest the time doing this before anything else, you… Read More

How Data Science Can Help You Sense Your Brand’s Effect on Social Media

Featured guest blog from our friend, Zacharias Voulgaris, Ph.D., founder of The pulse of comments on social media Linguistic data, like the data in free-form text that makes up most of the social media databases, isn’t easy to process. Its diversity, large volume, and inherent complexity make it challenging to understand in an automated… Read More

8 Ways to Work Your Personal Brand & Stand Out Online

Today’s guest blog is from the lovely Claire Cardwell… We’ve all seen the articles about how a good a Personal Brand is vitally important these days – whether you have your own business or work for someone else, ‘people buy people,’ and you need to develop your own great personal brand. So how do you go… Read More