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When an entrepreneur grows a powerful personal brand growing their company becomes much easier because they have built the credibility to become THE AUTHORITY in their industry. We help you in the areas of influence that matter the most: Strategic PR, Content Marketing, and Social Media Growth.

Our personal branding package starts at $750.00 per month!  We did the math, and most other PR firms charge over $5,000+ a month for this package and they don’t have nearly the social media following to promote their clients as we do.

Here’s what is included in the package each month:

  • 2000 new social media followers from your target market between Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Daily posting of content to your social media accounts (our clients go viral regularly)
  • 1 media placement in a top publication. We pitch you to Forbes, Influencive, Buzzfeed, Entrepreneur, and MORE
  • We promote you and your business to our social media network of 1 million followers helping you get unparalleled exposure
  • Social media profile optimization for lead generation

Here’s an example of our work

Matt Sweetwood, we helped our very first client (who we still work with today, btw!) grow and then sell his business his multi-million dollar business, become a best-selling author, become verified on social media, get featured in major media like Fox, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The HuffPost. He is also a keynote speaker. a Brand Ambassador for major brands like Best Buy and Lumix. Needless to say, he has a POWERFUL personal brand with over 210,000 social media followers.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 10.10.41 PM

See our testimonials page for more examples. We can help you grow a powerful personal brand too and become an authority figure in your industry.

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