Learn How to Use PR to Get More Sales

Public Relations vs Advertising. Measuring results.

There is no doubt that you can use more than one route when it comes to getting more sales. However, if you’re like a lot of companies, you are seeing lower returns on your Facebook ads, organic traffic to your website is down, and your email campaigns are not seeing the gains they used to. So how can companies generate more leads and close sales right now?
Good public relations is one sure way to get it done right. It’s all about getting your brand out there and making it more visible. Whether it’s a targeted PR campaign or something subtle, if you can get your brand in front of your target audience, it will lead to more sales. There are so many advantages of going the public relations route, but that’s a story for another day. Today, it’s all about strategically using your media appearances to get more sales.

Use Media Appearances to Build Your Credibility

The main aim of using the media is to get your name and brand out there. Not only will this establish you as a thought leader, but it goes a long way to introduce you to new audiences. A good old story put out by the press can generate a lot more exposure for your brand than virtually any other lead generation tactic.
The fact that it may also get shared across social media platforms ensures that word of your brand can travel. The angle you need to take here is to lean towards positive case studies as well as testimonials.

Leverage the Credibility of Big Name Media Outlets

Media coverage for your company by top press outlets enables you to associate your brand with a more well-known brand name. Then you can use that thunder to your advantage. Prominently featuring press logos on your website can go a long way to pull in some significant business if you call it to the attention of your prospects.
Big brands have paid their dues and garnered a whole lot of trust over the years. Banking on that trust can drive sales more than you can ever imagine. So, do not keep quiet when your work gets featured by press giants.PR that is well done helps you create trust among your target audience faster than ever before. The key is having a third party member of the press that is well known and respected in your company’s industry feature your brand story. Use the added credibility to stand out from your competition.
Imagine a sales scenario where Company A has been featured several times recently in a variety of respected publications where they received endorsements. Company B only has its own advertising that says they’re the best. If the offerings and price points are very similar, which company do you think would win the deal?
Not only should you share your press appearances on social media, in email newsletters, on your website, but you should also include them in your proposals. Mention the media coverage your company has received.

Create a Personality for Your Brand That People Recognize

You need to think of your business as a living, breathing organism. Creating a compelling backstory is no longer enough; you need to reveal who the person on the other side of the sale is.
Allow me to state the obvious once again, nobody will buy from you if they have never heard of you. Getting in the media will help you gain the brand recognition you need to make sales. Positive press is the key to creating a world-class brand reputation.
So, add a bit more humanity to your brand image, and you’ll be surprised how effective it will be for closing sales faster.

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