Learn How Coffee-Mate Wins Customer Loyalty With Just Two Words and an Emoji


Coffee is my love language. It’s literally the only thing I enjoy about mornings. The other day, I was feeling quite perky and a bit playful after my morning cup of joe.

So, I sent out a Tweet, “Love the feeling of being fully caffeinated! #coffee” with a gif of Bill Murray chugging down a pot of coffee. It was something fun to begin the day, and I soon started to see reactions and retweets. A notification alerted me that someone commented on it. To my surprise, it was from the company Coffee-Mate. They responded, “Who doesn’t? 😉.”

The response from Coffee-Mate made me remember how effective monitoring brand-related hashtags can be to start conversations with a targeted audience.

The response got me wondering if they were replying to other tweets containing #coffee. What I found is that they were responding to other users too. Often with a short witty reply and an emoji.

In another Tweet, a user wrote, “I made sure to get up earlier today so I could get the last of the creamer for my coffee.” Once again, Coffee-Mate took the opportunity to respond, “Smart thinking 😉” and a conversation between customer and company quickly ensued.

Many people still don’t realize hashtags serve a greater purpose than just making posts more visually appealing. They often throw in hashtags at random into their posts that seem to serve little purpose. However, when used strategically, hashtags can be one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers.

Doing it right, can be the difference between having a one-sided versus a two-way conversation with customers on social media.

Replying to customer’s posts unexpectedly, makes people feel good. People tend to remember the way brands make them feel.

CoffeeMate is counting on it.

Delighting your customers doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of words and an emoji.

Do you need help winning customers? Let’s have coffee and discuss it! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you.

John White

More coffee, please!

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