Learn From the Influencer Who Gets 25-Million Impressions a Day

Influencer marketing has captured the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs all over the world. The realization that we can use other people’s platforms to build our business has quickly become a go-to strategy for most small, medium, and large businesses of all kinds.

You may be wondering what can change in influencer marketing which will affect your business even more positively? That’s what I love about this industry. There is always a new innovator breaking through the walls of creativity to announce new plans which can build your business even faster.

Abtin Masseratagah is one of those people. This CEO of Northrn is one of the forward thinkers on influencer marketing proving his prowess by accumulating nearly near half a million last year and providing co-op jobs from local universities. Abtin aspires with future goals of opening his course within an MBA program to teach this new world of digital marketing to further the reach of education in this industry.

Sit back as this interview shares some of Abtin’s ideals and how influencer marketing can change the way you do business in the future simply because the game is changing itself.

Working with influencers

The amazing thing about working with influencer marketing is that it is so new. We are only at the start of scratching the surface of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is where we have the chance to work with such brilliant young minds, as many of them are typically found to be the ages of 13 through 25. These are the millennials that are working in a space that targets their own age group. They know what they want, they know what works, so why not ask an 18-year-old what will work with an 18-year-old? It’s almost common sense! They’ll have the best insights.

Abtin has been working within this industry since he was 13, and many of the techniques and strategies that he’s created for his clients are all ideal campaigns that he would have believed to spark his own interest.

The great things about this model versus the traditional channel is the work done with influencer marketing allows brands which are still young and small to truly build up quickly without needing such a large budget. It allows the brand to give itself a reputation through its influencers.

Many of these brands can’t afford the millions it would cost for celebrity endorsements, so if they can spend a couple hundred to have influencers team up to assist them, it becomes a no-brainer.

Working within the influencer marketing arena has helped many businesses create a more solid foundation with their audience to create trust, authority, and build respect through the influence of someone who is on their side.

Using mobile apps & influencer marketing

As Abtin mentioned in our interview, the mobile app space is currently being absolutely dominated through the influencer marketing.

Every app that his company Northrn had the opportunity to work with, when performed through the proper campaign design and pushed through Northrn channels had cracked the top 100 of the app store at the minimum.

These are larger designed campaigns that the Northrn clients requested. Many of which have gone on to crack the top 50 or top 10 at points of the apps career.

Influencer marketing is the perfect fit for the work done within mobile app development because of how instantaneously it works. “Within seconds of a post going live, using influencer marketing, we can have upwards of a million unique eyes on it to generate instant curiosity of the app leading to a huge influx of downloads.”, says Abtin Masseratagah.

Think about real connection

One of the main strategies in which Abtin and Northrn firmly believe in is the realization of the human connection between the brand and the audience.

Abtin says, “I believe that if you can create something which can generate discussion within the real world between individuals, rather than a simple ad the typical consumer will view for a few seconds and forget about, then we’ve truly done our job as marketers and storytellers by going above and beyond to create something MORE.”

Abtin’s role in the work Northrn has made to impact business models includes a human touch. Using influencer marketing, you can build a bridge of connection between your audience which takes the place of an impersonal advertisement or simply asking your audience to do something for you all the time.

IvoryElla, Stargaze Jewellery, Electric Family, Protocol Recordings, and Republic Recordings are just a few successful campaigns which have benefitted from the advanced human touch of this strategy.

When you begin to think about the real human connection in your marketing strategy you force yourself to learn about their wants and needs.

You begin to understand what their struggles are and how you can move your business to help meet those goals.

The willingness to connect places you in the epicenter of the individual’s life which makes it more personal for both of you and creates an investment of all kinds of opportunities in the future.

Ready to change the game?

In the end, the use of an influencer marketing strategy for your business is up to you. The benefits of influencers working for you means you can build measurable statistics to launch from later.

There are many different variables in which you can determine if influencer marketing is right for your business.

Whether you’re just starting your business or launching a brand new product, both of these are a great reason to start an influencer marketing strategy with someone who has the reach, the know-how, and the clout to serve your brand you know the way it should be served.

For more, make sure to check out Abtin on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Originally published on my column for Inc. Magazine

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