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Turn up your sales leads

In today’s digital world, it matters how many visitors and clicks you get, and ultimately how many of those turn into sales leads. As technology has advanced over the years, the amount of information and data that is available is astounding, and the things you can learn about the people who visit your website is fantastic.

From tools like Google Analytics, you can easily find out where your visitors are located and how they got to your website, which can be really useful. Then you can get details about those who were halfway through an order or filling in a form, but perhaps got distracted when a Slack message come through, and didn’t get to finish it. These can be used for sales leads as they left some information and clearly showed an interest in your product and company.

But what about those people who don’t leave any information? All those ghost visitors who just browsed your website and then left? Perhaps they spent a lot of time on your website; perhaps they read all your blogs. Who are these people, and what if you had the chance to speak to them? Maybe that would turn into a sale. Well, there is software for this too. Lead Forensics is a great tool that can identify who these people are and turn them into leads for your sales team to hopefully seal the deal. 

Lead Forensics doesn’t require your visitors to fill in a form, but it can provide you with all the information as if they did. It will give you your website visitors’ business name, contact information, demographics, search behavior, and financial data. Additionally, if there’s a customer you’d love to get, it will flag them for you so that you can appropriately target them. You will be able to learn what pages they have visited and for how long, giving you insights to land your dream customers. An excellent way to think about Lead Forensics is opening your shop door and inviting those window-shoppers in and finding out more about them.

Once you discover who your ghost visitors are and have all the data you need, such as business name, names, positions, email addresses of crucial decision-makers, location, website, and telephone number, you will have all the tools you need to convert them into sales by being proactive and generating your own leads that you never knew you had.

When you have the identity of your anonymous website traffic and have turned them into real-time actionable sales leads, it’s time to look deeper into what they were looking for and make sure you target them correctly. You can see what they searched for, how many times they visited, and which pages they visited for how long. Lead Forensics helps sales teams get leads that would otherwise be impossible.

Here are four ways you can capitalize on this information, and turn the leads you never knew you had into sales.

Target them in ad campaigns

You have their information and you know what they want, so don’t let these potential sales forget who you are. Make sure you use ad campaigns to your advantage and target these customers with every bit of information you have on them. This means that you won’t waste a penny on advertising to the wrong audience.

Connect and engage with them on social media

Using social media for converting sales is a popular tactic today; however, if you’re not engaging with the right people, it’s a lot of time and effort wasted. Using the information you have from Lead Forensics, combined with the information you can get from their social media pages, gives you all the tools you need to convert those potential customers into actual customers.

Send them an email

Emails are a powerful tool, but again only if you use them correctly. Many people appreciate the personal touch and want to feel that you have sent them a direct email just for them and not as part of a spammy email blast. Lead Forensics allows you to do this as you have their names, titles, positions, etc., so you can make an email personal to customers and make them feel special.

Make a warm call

Ask any sales rep, and they will tell they hate to make cold calls. They would much rather make warm calls into prospects that have indicated interest. Lead Forensics gives you have these ghost visitors’ phone numbers, so why not just give them a call? They showed an interest before, and now you have the opportunity to tell them why your product or service is the one for them. 

Lastly, did you know that only 2% of your site visitors will actually contact you? So, if you’re ready to gain a competitive edge and never miss a sales opportunity again, sign up for a demo and FREE trial of Lead Forensics using this link:

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