How Marketers Can Gain a Massive Competitive Advantage Using Lead Forensics

Lead forensics

Lead Forensics is software for turbo-charged lead generation that enables you to beat the crowds and get there before your competition. It’s all about making the most out of your leads and helping to turn them into sales. It gives you the ability to transform your sales funnel and become more successful. With the ability to recognize leads in real-time, focus your sales on the hottest leads, and maximize sales & marketing ROI, Lead Forensics is something that could be invaluable to your business. 

Combining Lead Forensics with your CRM

Just think about having the power on an integrated, seamless lead generation that works in line with your CRM to help build and better tour sales teams and marketing campaigns. Now think about what that could do for your business, it’s sales, and it’s growth. Can you afford to turn that opportunity down? 

Lead Forensics is something that works alongside your business, silently in the background, to help deliver your anonymous website visitors straight into Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and more. With a complete suite of data-rich features, Lead Forensic is the ideal central hub for a maximum marketing ROI. You can bring you analytics, insights, and lead generation all under one roof, where a full campaign of intelligence drives true and powerful results. 

You can make the most and gain the benefits from your website by combining the power of Lead Forensics with your CRM to gain rich data intelligence and real-time leads, all in one convenient place. 

You can also reveal your anonymous website visitors and really boost your sales team with the integration. You will be able to increase your online ROI while closing sale leads that you didn’t know existed. 

Gain Powerful Insights 

Choosing to integrate your CRM with Lead Forensics will automatically match your website with any visiting activity to your existing leads and accounts. This gives you the power to act quickly and identify the customer or clients that visit your website but don’t ask for a quote, inquire, or make a purchase. This insight could empower your sales team to narrow this down and turn an interest into a sale. 

You’re In Full Control

You have full control the whole time. You can pick and choose when you want to import the visitors to your website or if you want to only pick certain visitors that are of interest to your business. You have control, so what you decide goes. It will automatically assign your website’s views to the correct account or lead, which will allow you the marketing and sales team to jump into action immediately. 

You Can Gain A Competitive Advantage

If you choose to integrate your CRM with Lead Forensics, you will empower your marketing and sales teams and provide them with the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition as often as possible. Your marketing team will be confident in creating targeted email campaigns based solely on the visitors and the range of pages they have visited. Your sales team can act fast and jump on opportunities. 

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