How This Completely Unknown Company Leveraged Social to Get Millions of Views from CNN & Tech Insider

Travelmate Robotics went from being a little-known company to an Internet sensation and recognized brand over the course of a few weeks.

From being shared on Business Insider, CNN, Now This, Tech Insider, and other major platforms, Travelmate received the PR push hardly anyone gets. Business Insider’s share on Facebook alone generated 37-million views.

The question now is…how did they do it?

While no one can tell you exactly what you need to do to go viral, you can study those who have done it and in turn increase your chances of getting the same results.

Be Newsworthy

First things first. You need something newsworthy. You can’t have major outlets share your product/service if there’s nothing innovative or worth sharing.

In this case, Travelmate Robotics is innovative. It’s changing the way people carry luggage. This robot is not only a futuristic concept, but a revolutionary one as well. As its president, Leo Ryzhenko, explains, “The robot is a fully autonomous suitcase that navigates through crowds easily by using a variety of sensors and patented technology. Travelmate has a smart lock, integrated GPS, omni wheels, a scale for measuring the weight of your luggage contents, and much more. It’s a fully featured smart suitcase that will make your life much easier.”

This innovative idea has captivated the attention of millions of people all over the globe. The proof is in the constant sharing of their visual advertisement.

Focus on “Share” Driven Platforms

While every social media platform is meant to serve its own purpose, there are advantages and disadvantages to storytelling on each platform.

Social networks like Facebook, beBee, LinkedIn and Twitter, on the other hand, are platforms that not only allow people to view the things that may interest them, but also see the videos and advertisements that may have engrossed their friends and/or followers.

It is also important to note that it costs absolutely nothing to create a post and have others share it through these platforms. In a way, it is this millennia’s “word of mouth” advertising. This can allow you to focus on your actual post or video, rather than focus on the methods of sharing.

Be Creative

An audience loves to be entertained. We are the audience when we are on these social platforms. Advertisers are fighting for consumers’ attention. Many people prefer to watch videos than to read posts because it’s more fulfilling and entertaining.

So whether you’re creating a video, writing a simple post, or launching a contest, getting people interested in who you are and what your company does increases your chances of getting the most out of your social media game plan.

An example of this is how Travelmate created a video showcasing their product. A video that was not only informative, but imaginative, and unique. A video that drew in people’s attention by helping them envision not what the world is now, but what the world can be with the help of their product; a robot that travels with you.

Creating such a post can attract not merely the everyday social media user, but larger publications such as Tech Insider or CNN, because webpages such as these like to be “in the know” on whatever new product or service is taking the world by storm. Yes, they may be larger corporations, but they are still news corporations.

They are the ones meant to be sharing the latest details on new services, so once they catch wind of an increasingly viral post, they will include themselves on the trend as well.

Be innovative and cutting-edge, talk about the benefits, and elaborate on the key details that are specific to your company and your product. Be creative and study the common themes that most viral videos have.

Most people don’t even know that you can submit your videos to these pages. For example, Viral Thread has a section where you can submit a video. All you need is one big viral page to use as leverage to get more. A share from a big news outlet can snowball into getting other news outlets to share it out as well.

Use these tips when you plan for your next product launch and always remember to think about a social media game plan.

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