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A confident and passionate voice, one which can easily educate the masses on any topic with ease while still maintaining a level of entertainment for those listening in! Appearing as a guest on podcasts might be just what you need to reach your target audience, increase SEO rankings, and build brand awareness amongst new potential customers who may not ever have known about your business otherwise.

With the rise of audio content, podcasting is an increasingly popular way for brands and businesses alike to engage with their customers in their communities or across the world.

It’s no secret that we live in a world where information at every turn bombards us – whether it’s through social media feeds or news programs on TV. But what if I told you there was another form of storytelling that could be just as powerful? One using tiny little speakers hooked up across our ears instead!

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This blog will discuss how guest podcasting can help you reach more people than ever before and become the authority figure you’ve always wanted to be.

Get in Front of a Targeted Audience

With just one interview, you can get access to an audience of hundreds if not thousands of people within your industry. You’re giving the listeners something they want and need: information that is both valuable and informative. They will share your message with their communities to receive this same value from others taking action! This means there’s no limit on how much value you will extract out of every guest appearance.

Being a guest on a podcast is your opportunity to educate the market about your products and services via storytelling that consumers receive better over an online ad on Google or Facebook.

Become Known As an Expert and Build Trust

But why would anybody outside of your industry be interested in listening to the same old, same old, who cares? As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your goal should not necessarily be about selling right away. People need to trust you first before they purchase anything from you.

The power of being a guest on a podcast is you get introduced as a sought-after expert. In addition, guest podcasting gives you instant credibility with any of the listeners.

The best way to build authority for your business is by being interviewed as an expert on other people’s platforms (i.e., appearing as a guest on podcasts). Of course, guest podcasting will take some work, but that’s what makes you stand out from the rest of the entrepreneurs in your industry who aren’t willing to go beyond the call of duty to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise to prospects and investors. You might even become their hero by helping them solve one of their problems or challenges.

The output tone should be information-based and not salesy. Allow me to go over a few ways you can do just that.

Interviews allow the host to steer the conversation, so listen carefully for cues on what they want you to dig deeper into in a later question. The natural impression created by being an expert will help any sales pitch carried out, so have a list of interesting factoids at hand and be ready with examples (i.e., where appropriate – do not ramble aimlessly).

Podcast hosts are naturally curious about their listeners. They like learning firsthand from customers who buy their products/services/books etc., so get them talking! Be sure to include some positive aspects of your experiences with them during the interview; readers appreciate it when others sing the praises of our work.

Network With the Host

You make friends with influencers in your industry (i.e., podcast hosts). Yes, it’s that simple! When you appear as a guest on a podcaster’s show, you become friends by default. They will be able to share your content with their audience and send potential leads to you. Podcast hosts are usually very well connected and have extensive networks. Give them a referral if possible, and then ask them for referrals as well.

Podcast hosts can become some of your biggest fans! If they like what you stand for and who you are as an entrepreneur, presenter, etc., they will support your endeavors in many ways, like sharing your content on their social media.

Gain New Subscribers

When people hear a guest on a podcast episode they enjoyed, they may subscribe to their email list or follow their social channels to continue getting great information. So make sure you let listeners know where they can follow you once the show is over.

SEO and Increased Traffic

And last, there are many SEO benefits gained from being a podcast guest. The most underrated way to earn quality backlinks for your site is by interviewing with podcast hosts and posting show notes on their website that include links straight into your business. Every single one generates new anchor text! These compound over time, helping boost organic rankings on Google. And all without having invested too much effort going upfront cost-wise.

People have a low threshold for consuming information. If they enjoy the conversation, guests will find it easy to convince them in a few sentences why they should too! Being a frequent guest on a podcast in your niche builds familiarity and trust with potential customers, which is invaluable if you’re trying to let people know about an offer or product launch.

If you’re not podcast guesting yet, now is the time to start! With all these benefits and no downsides in sight, soon enough your business will be booming with success thanks to a guest podcast strategy.

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