Globalization Via LinkedIn – My Perspective

Written By: Qamar Ali Khan

My friend John White wrote an article “Globalization Via LinkedIn” a few months back. It is a simple but a magnificent article on the topic, beautifully describing how social media, particularly LinkedIn, is playing the vital role to bring people and businesses all over the world close together, making the world a real global village. John White mentioned me as an example of this globalized relationship through LinkedIn. The spirit of the article and my mentioning have compelled me to express how I feel about this magical aspect of LinkedIn.

A decade or so ago, socialization had been an activity directly related to the personal familiarities and associations, depending mostly on personal interactions. Your social circle was broad if you were active in your personal and educational life, and later on, in your professional life. It was almost impossible to expand your social network merely through phones and letters to people you didn’t know personally. The social interactions, then, usually were confined to a specific geography, where you used to move. If you were extraordinary active, then your social networking might have had a spread in different parts of your country, and that’s all. Creating social contacts in other parts of the world required, in most of the cases, foreign travels—And how many people were there or are there who traveled or do travel across the globe? So, having friendships in other countries was a privilege attainable only by those who could afford overseas traveling for any purpose. It had been a limited world with limited exposures for its inhabitants.

The spread of the internet in personal and professional lives helped the people to expand their interactions, but building relationships through emails or commercial/professional use of internet was a very careful and time-taking process.

Then came the magical social media. It literally changed the concept of sociability.Making friends in every part of the world has become so easy that, like uttering a couple of magical spells; by just striking a few keys of your keyboard or keypad, you can have friends in any country and any corner of the world.

LinkedIn! What’s Different?

LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms. But I personally categorize it far more effective to create and build professional as well as personal relationships. One of the most prominent features of linkedIn is the “Profile” page of its members. In my experience, I saw no other social media platform having this feature so explicitly and so properly being utilized. Members take an ample amount of their time to craft their profiles, and this pays. The more your profile is complete and meaningful; more you would be able to attract new contacts and business relations. When you receive or send a connect invitation, you have all the background of your possible friend in front of you in the shape of his/her profile. You know where he/she is from, how much educated he/she is, what he/she is doing and did, and so many other details. In this way, when you accept an invitation or send one, you are almost sure about the person and his/her level. The profile of your friend instantly and greatly helps you to understand his/her psychology and personality, and this understanding is the base to develop a long-lasting and true relationship in the future. Similar is the case with organizational pages and profiles. These pages present the organizations in a brief but solid way. In my opinion, LinkedIn is the best professional social medial platform to develop B2B and personal connections, as well as followership.

Another golden feature of LinkedIn is its professional mentoring. Here, you meet hundreds of thousands of professionals all around the world, from different walks of work, and read an unending flow of professional writings. This meeting and reading enrich you with the knowledge not otherwise possible to obtain.

How my life is changed by LinkedIn:

LinkedIn has played a paramount role in my life too. It has almost changed my social and cultural perceptions, particularly about other nationalities and their cultures. It has helped me to have a clearer mind about the religion intolerances, language biases, geographical differences, racialism, and so many misconceptions. It has strengthened my belief on the core principles of humanity, love, and care. It has shown me how beautiful people, with their inner beauty, are living on this planet, and that these people have the same feelings and thinking as I have, despite the fact that they belong to completely different cultures and religions. It helped me to confirm that people who love their country, culture, and religion are more open-hearted, broad-minded, and caring towards others. Though, some negative people are using social media for their dirty, hate-generating, purposes, but they are well tackled by the noble, mentioned, people who are the jewels of the social media’s crown. How would you feel if you are a Christian living in USA but receiving heart-felt greetings from your Muslim or Hindu friends living in Pakistan or India? What would be your emotions when you are a Muslim but you come to know that how much your Christian, Jew, Hindu, and other friends in different corners of the world are concerned about your well-being? It’s simply unbelievable, but it’s a reality, and this reality is made possible by the role of social media, particularly LinkedIn. LinkedIn has globalized me, by introducing me to so many friends in various countries. All of my friends are worthy, sincere, and broad-minded people. I am proud of them and their friendship.

LinkedIn made it possible for me to know John White. John is from USA and he, simply, is a great human being. I found him an extremely sincere and caring friend. He is an outstanding writer and has written some mega-hit articles. You may visit his Publisher’s page to read and know about his marvelous insight. He also writes for Dice Tech News, and works as the Chief Marketing Officer at Social Marketing Solutions. I learned a lot from the wisdom and experience of John White as he is a superb professional in B2B and social media marketing arenas. But above all of his professional expertise, he has a true, unbiased, and clean human heart in his chest; that’s what makes him so beautiful. John! I am lucky to have you as my friend; and like you, I am also eager and impatiently waiting for the day to meet you personally.

Just like John White, I have unmatchable friendships in many parts of the world. All of my friends are valuable, sincere, and beautiful people. It is not possible to mention each of them here, with their countless qualities, but I recognize their relationship from the depth of my heart. All of these love-building relationships became possible just because of LinkedIn.

What is your experience and perception about the role of social media, especially LinkedIn, in positive globalization? Please do share your views, as this is what LinkedIn is all about!

Have a cheerful life!


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About Qamar:You may follow me to get and read my future articles by pressing “Follow” button on this page or follow me @qamar333 on Twitter. I also welcome your connect invitation through LinkedIn.

You may follow me to get and read my future articles by pressing “Follow” button on this page or follow me @qamar333 on Twitter. I also welcome your connect invitation through LinkedIn.

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