How This Teen Used an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Grow His Family Business to $300-Million

I’ve enjoyed speaking to several of Gen Z’s rising star entrepreneurs for my column. These young and¬†ambitious entrepreneurs¬†are leading the way for an entirely¬†new generation¬†that seems to have a strong interest in¬†entrepreneurship. When I heard about Anton Klingspor, I was excited to meet him. He’s created exponential growth in his family’s business that is in… Read More

National Geographic has 85-Million Instagram Followers. How to Mimic Their Success

Top marketing experts and analysts are predicting massive user growth from Instagram in 2018, many saying¬†Instagram¬†will be the most popular social media network. Last year, the popular photo app crushed rival networks like¬†Snapchat¬†and¬†Twitter¬†with over 700 million monthly active users. So, Instagram is the place to start creating brand awareness for your business. Use it to… Read More

Teenager Shares How He Caught the Eye of a Hollywood Producer Using YouTube

In 2005, when¬†YouTube¬†first launched, TV producers and businesses may not have had a second thought about it. Now, YouTube is where more people go for¬†entertainment. With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, there is something for everyone to watch. The fact that it is free to anyone to view videos makes YouTube more attractive than… Read More

How This Completely Unknown Company Leveraged Social to Get Millions of Views from CNN & Tech Insider

Travelmate Robotics went from being a¬†little-known company¬†to an¬†Internet sensation¬†and recognized¬†brand¬†over the course of a few weeks. From being shared on¬†Business Insider,¬†CNN,¬†Now This, Tech Insider, and other major platforms,¬†Travelmate¬†received the PR push hardly anyone gets. Business Insider’s share on Facebook alone generated 37-million views. The question now is…how did they do it? While no one can… Read More

YouTube Released Their Top 10 Videos. Here’s What Marketers Can Learn From Them.

YouTube¬†is up to 30 million daily site visitors.¬†People flock to it each day looking for the top trending video to share with friends, family, and followers.¬†Data¬†shows that younger generations prefer online videos to traditional television, making future¬†subscriber growth¬†on the platform seem like a sure bet. With 2017 coming to a close, YouTube recently released its… Read More

Use These Tips to Crack LinkedIn’s Algorithm and Generate More Leads

When it comes¬†building a sales funnel, there has never been a better¬†platform than LinkedIn. I’ve personally used LinkedIn as a primary lead source to grow my business and gain more than 47,000 followers who continue to¬†open¬†doors to many opportunities. In 2017, we finally began to see an integration of powerful sales tools between Microsoft and¬†LinkedIn.… Read More