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35 LinkedIn Sales Tips for Entrepreneurs

Use these LinkedIn sales tips to grow your business!

Use these LinkedIn sales tips to increase your leads by 50% Every day I talk to entrepreneurs who are struggling to use LinkedIn to promote themselves and their business. Their profiles look like their resume and the focus is on their past instead of the value their business provides to […]

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8 Unique Content Ideas That Will Get Your Target Audience’s Attention

Content Ideas

With increased competition in the business world today, businesses are looking to generate more leads and sales through content marketing, a workable strategy that can help you quickly generate leads and grow your business. However, you need to be creative when developing the content, to set your business apart. Here […]

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NFL Star Dez Bryant Shares How His Humble Beginnings Fuels His Success

Dez Bryant

It was Saturday morning. I was having my first cup of coffee of the day and checking the notifications on my phone. When to my absolute surprise I had a Twitter DM from Dez Bryant. (As in the former All-Pro Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and megastar). He wanted me to come to […]

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12 Live Streaming Video Tips to Build Your Brand and Business

Live Streaming Video

Linkedin is the last major social media platform to implement live streaming video. They are slowly rolling it out this year. I operated a photographic supply business and camera store for more than 28 years. During that time, I witnessed the dramatic evolution in imaging technology. With still imaging, I […]

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Find Out What Your Car Says About Your Personal Brand

Cars and personal brand

When you see a big brown delivery truck you automatically think UPS. When you see a pink Cadillac you automatically think Mary Kay. Some business vehicles have been around for so long they become part of the cultural background and branding, immediately recognizable icons of decades-old businesses. However, startups don’t […]

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How To Tell If a “Social Media Expert” Is Faking It

Social media arose quickly as a prominent way for businesses to showcase their brand. Anytime, a product or service enters into the marketplace quickly there are opportunists that move into the space and become largely self-proclaimed experts. Hence, the rise of the social media expert. Just last week I had […]

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How Data Savvy Marketers Get to Know Their Customers to Gain Their Loyalty

Data Savvy

Brand loyalty is evolving, and the emphasis is squarely on the consumers rather than the brands these days. Customers expect you to know them better than they know themselves and to treat them like the unique individuals they are. But this can be harder than it seems in today’s fast-paced world — gone […]

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How to Write Content That Converts Likes on Social Media Into Sales

Content Marketing

How do we make more sales? Companies around the world ask themselves this most basic yet fundamental question almost every day. Consumers are greater informed, and they have more choices on how to spend their money than ever. Getting them to buy your product or service takes some serious skill. To get […]

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Learn How to Brilliantly Cross-Promote Your LinkedIn Recommendations to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Social Networks

Students, job seekers and those with a “stable career” all have one thing in common. They need to build their personal brand. It’s one of those things that’s best to have and not need than to not have and need. Recommendations are a great way to do this. It’s known that […]

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What Tony Robbins Taught Me About Influencer Marketing

Tony Robbins

Let’s face it: Getting exposure and creating a buzz for your brand is not getting any easier. As competition is rising everywhere, marketers are stuck with a constant challenge of finding new and innovative ways to get their brand in front of customers. Many brands have turned to influencer marketing […]

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Learn How Coffee-Mate Wins Customer Loyalty With Just Two Words and an Emoji


Coffee is my love language. It’s literally the only thing I enjoy about mornings. The other day, I was feeling quite perky and a bit playful after my morning cup of joe. So, I sent out a Tweet, “Love the feeling of being fully caffeinated! #coffee” with a gif of […]

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How to Wordsmith Your Calls to Action to Improve Conversion Rates

Every month, I consult with a variety of entrepreneurs and brands on their social media strategy. When I first meet with them, they always raise the concern that they are generating likes and followers on social media, but not a high enough percentage of them are actually being converted into customers. The biggest hole […]

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7 Influencers With Followers in the Millions Share Their Marketing Tips

Each month I consult with several companies on their social media strategy. One of the concerns they bring up is the challenge to compete with the social media presence of established brands in their industry that often have thousands if not millions of followers. Creating a marketing machine on social media to compete with […]

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How Generation Z is Creating a Youth Movement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn rolled out the red carpet for Millennials years ago, only to have them largely stay away from the business- and career-focused social media platform in favor of other sites that have the “fun factor.” It’s no secret that LinkedIn’s core active user base is dominated by Gen X and Baby Boomers. However, LinkedIn may finally be attracting […]

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UK Influencer Oliver Isaacs Shares How to Go Viral on Today’s Internet

When it comes to going viral on the Internet, there may not be a bigger expert on the planet than Oliver Isaacs. He is a serial entrepreneur, social media guru, and a top influencer in the UK. Oliver’s social media pages are well known and regularly reach millions of users […]

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