How to Write Content That Converts Likes on Social Media Into Sales

Content Marketing

How do we make more sales? Companies around the world ask themselves this most basic yet fundamental question almost every day. Consumers are greater informed, and they have more choices on how to spend their money than ever. Getting them to buy your product or service takes some serious skill. To get […]

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10 Power Tips to Becoming a Thought Leader

Thought leader tips

I get asked frequently how I got to be a contributor for a major platform like Entrepreneur. In fact, every time one of my articles get published on any of the several well-known platforms I write for, I get Facebook, and Linkedin messages and emails asking, “How do I get published there?” I also get […]

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Learn How to Brilliantly Cross-Promote Your LinkedIn Recommendations to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Social Networks

Students, job seekers and those with a “stable career” all have one thing in common. They need to build their personal brand. It’s one of those things that’s best to have and not need than to not have and need. Recommendations are a great way to do this. It’s known that […]

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How to Present Your Personal Brand So That People Remember You

For me, not having a personal brand meant several years of working at jobs I hated. In my previous career, working at large companies, I always felt like I was just a number whose voice didn’t matter. I had no influence and my social media network was pathetic. That all changed four […]

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How I Bypassed Traditional Methods and Got Hired Using Social Media (Twice)

Social Media

Life as a military spouse is rewarding and challenging. Unemployment and underemployment are faced by many. Applying online for a job and waiting to be contacted doesn’t work. I used social media to establish my personal brand, bypass job applications, get noticed and hired twice. I have a Chemistry degree. […]

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What Tony Robbins Taught Me About Influencer Marketing

Tony Robbins

Let’s face it: Getting exposure and creating a buzz for your brand is not getting any easier. As competition is rising everywhere, marketers are stuck with a constant challenge of finding new and innovative ways to get their brand in front of customers. Many brands have turned to influencer marketing […]

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Learn How Coffee-Mate Wins Customer Loyalty With Just Two Words and an Emoji


Coffee is my love language. It’s literally the only thing I enjoy about mornings. The other day, I was feeling quite perky and a bit playful after my morning cup of joe. So, I sent out a Tweet, “Love the feeling of being fully caffeinated! #coffee” with a gif of […]

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