Untangling the Web: Boosting the Organic Reach of Social Media Content

This is a Guest Post courtesy of our friend, Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA.  It’s no secret organic reach of content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter has declined significantly. Algorithms actually suppress the organic reach of content. For over a month, I have been conducting some experiments and trying to figure out what […]

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I Wrote A Book: So Now What?

All writers will know the beauty and curse of a deadline. It’s the thing we sometimes need to light a fire under our ass and get to writing (instead of endless days of procrastination and self-doubt). So, when I saw I had only three weeks left to enter this years’ […]

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Making It On Your Own Terms

One of the best things about social media for me is the ability to connect with like-minded people from all over the galaxy. I’ve been independent, i.e. not had a desk job, on and off for nine years now – with a few spurts of full-time employment and time off […]

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Why You Should Always Consider Your Target Persona For Social Media Success

Guest post courtesy of our friend, Rikki Lear, founder of Digital 22, a HubSpot Platinum Partner marketing agency based in Clitheroe, United Kingdom. The first step of the whole marketing process is identifying who your ideal persona is and what they are interested in. If you invest the time doing […]

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Escape ExHell and Prove Value

You know that good content marketing works, but you still have to keep proving it time and time again to your boss / client / [enter your persistent asker of proof here]. For many of us this then lands us in ExHell; a repetitive battle generating monthly reports in Excel […]

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Sandra Smith Joins Social Marketing Solutions as Editor

Monday, April 10, 2017, Fort Collins, CO. Sandra Smith joins Social Marketing Solutions, LLC (SMS) as editor. SMS is a social media marketing agency founded by John White, named a top 5 most influential CMO by Richtopia, entrepreneur, and columnist at UK-based Smith will grow SMS’s already significant reach, over 200,000 […]

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