Are your LinkedIn blog posts showing up in Google Search?

I am the group owner of Publishers & Bloggers, an active member of Writers 4 Writers, and a frequenter of Writing on LinkedIn. These communities have been a buzz about the new analytics LinkedIn recently rolled out for long-form posts. The additional data points and brilliant insights it provides to writers has been unanimously applauded by everyone I’ve spoken to and on all the online conversations I’ve witnessed.

Among the updates, writers can now see who has shared their posts. This enables them to engage with every person that shared their post which can gain them additional followers and views. Additionally, the new data shows the top four geographic locations of the writer’s audience on each post. For a detailed account of all of the updates on LinkedIn see a recent post from my colleague, Jerome Knyszewski, by clicking here.

While all of the new analytics will provide valuable insights that were not previously possible, there is one in particular that I feel is a game changer. There is a tab that shows the top four traffic sources for each post. The eye-opening

stat for me is that it showed me how my posts were doing on Google. If your posts are showing up in Google searches, they will continue to get views long after you have published them. If Google is not in the top four traffic sources for your posts, chances are you have not optimized them for SEO. Here are a few tips that will help get your posts found on Google and keep a steady stream of readers from your target-audience coming to your blog.

  • Use relevant keywords in the title.
  • Sharing your posts on Google+ will boost your search rankings.
  • Tweet out your posts! With the new agreement between Twitter and Google, tweets now show up in Google search results.
  • Imbed both outbound and inbound links within your posts.
  • Insert multi-media presentations to boost the look and feel of the post.
  • Longer posts typically perform better than shorter ones for SEO.

Please do engage in discussion below regarding SEO, LinkedIn’s new analytics, or anything else that came to mind while reading my post.

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