John White, Founder & CMO

John White
SMS Founder and Inc. Magazine Columnist John White

SMS Founder John White is a globally recognized columnist for Inc. Magazine, where he interviewed Mark Cuban! John has over 300,000 followers on social media. When he’s not tweeting, you can find him spending time with his wife and 2 daughters, playing tennis, traveling, going hiking, and eating Mexican food.


Susan Rooks (The Grammar Goddess)

Susan Rooks, SMS Editor in Chief

Susan makes us all look and sound as smart as we are! She is known as the Grammar Goddess for good reason. As Editor in Chief for SMS, Susan makes sure all of our clients’ content goes out without any embarrassing typos or grammatical errors. When she’s away from her computer, you can find her walking her two small dogs (Gibbs and Abby), helping with projects on the four nonprofit BODs she serves on, or tending the village gardens in beautiful Buzzards Bay, Mass.

Christian Vind, Influencer

Christian Vind, Influencer

Christian Vind is first and foremost a hip hop star with a global social media following with just under 400k followers. He has been featured in the media in outlets like Inc. Magazine, TMZ, and Mogul. Christian helps us get our clients featured in the press and promote their business to his massive fan base. When Christian is not making music or helping our clients get featured in the media, you can find him relaxing and having fun at the bowling alley with his friends.

Valerie Mosley, Personal Branding Photographer

Valerie Mosley, Photographer

Valerie Mosley is a storyteller at heart. She’s spent her entire career meeting and connecting with people to authentically tell their story. I truly believe visual storytelling is the most powerful way to move an audience and help us all better connect in the digital age. When she’s not making us all look better in our photos, you can find Val digging and planting in her community garden.


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