When it comes building a sales funnel, there has never been a better platform than LinkedIn. I’ve personally used LinkedIn as a primary lead source to grow my business and gain more than 47,000 followers who continue to open doors to many opportunities.

In 2017, we finally began to see an integration of powerful sales tools between Microsoft and LinkedIn. The combination of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365, and Office 365 created an integration of a company’s social and sales data for the first time, which made it easier for sales reps to find the right prospects and engage with them throughout the entire sales cycle.

Even if your organization doesn’t have the budget to upgrade your customer relationship software in 2018 and you’re just using a free LinkedIn account, you can use these tips to generate sales leads and close more business this year.

1. Optimize your profile for sales

Once you have a job, you should use your profile primarily as a sales tool instead of as a resume. Move away from focusing on your past experience. Instead, create a profile that demonstrates how you add value right now in your current role.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind to create leads from your LinkedIn profile:

  • Add a customized branded banner photo with your company’s logo and slogan.
  • Always have a professional profile photo.
  • Include attention-grabbing keywords in your headline that you want to be found for, not just your job title.
  • Show how you add value to your clients in your summary section.
  • Post links to your company’s top two pieces of content in your experience section. This is an excellent spot for explainer videos and blog posts.
  • Connect with the right people.
  • Once your profile has been optimized, start using LinkedIn to connect with the key players in your industry.

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