10 Tweetable LinkedIn Tips from Social Media’s Top Contributors

*Original post published to LinkedIn on May 11th, 2015.

Since my journey began as a publisher on this platform, I have had the great fortune of getting to know several of the world’s top contributors to social media. These professionals routinely publish their insights to LinkedIn and many other platforms. Each one of them have added tremendously valuable insights to my career and provided me daily inspiration. Recently, I reached out to them and asked them to send me their top tips so that I could share them to my readers. Here is what they came up with. I hope you find as much value as I have from these amazing professionals!

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Viveka von Rosen

LinkedIn Expert & Author: LinkedIn Marketing Hour a Day | International Keynote Speaker | Forbes Top 20 Most Influential

Tag your connections for easy segmentation and engagement. @LinkedInExpert <Click to Tweet>

Karthik Rajan

Data Analytics | Strategy, Finance, Operations & Sales || Forbes Columnist | HuffPost Contributor

My mom’s gem of advice: Focus on what is of great value to others but less cost to you. I call it “Art of #Giving” @KarthRajan <Click to Tweet>

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Kathy Caprino

Int’l Career Success Coach, Speaker, Leadership Trainer & Writer helping women build rewarding, impactful careers. Forbes Contributor.

Write from the heart and spirit about what matters deeply to you. That’s what will build your authentic and loyal following. @KathyCaprino <Click to Tweet>

Brigette Hyacinth

Director & Founder of MBA Caribbean Organisation

To stand out: Be Original. Be Disruptive. Be Creative. Don’t be afraid to be You! Always bring Excellence with the focus of Adding Value.” @MbaCaribbeanOrg <Click to Tweet>

Gerry Moran

Global Head of Social Media & Content | Forbes Top 40 Social Marketing Talent | Speaker | Social Selling Strategist

Respond To Every Invite or Acceptance With A Personalized Response With Links To Your Content.” @GerryMoran     <Click to Tweet>

Melonie Dodaro

International #1 Bestselling Author of The LinkedIn Code ♦ LinkedIn Expert ♦ Keynote Speaker ♦ Social Selling Evangelist

If you want to succeed using #LinkedIn, don’t collect connections…build relationships. via @MelonieDodaro      <Click to Tweet>

Dustin McKissen, CAE, CME

Marketing, Messaging, and Branding Strategist

Show people the real you, not the “job interview you” @dmckissen   <Click to Tweet>

Melanie Curtin

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications at OpiaTalk | Huffington Post Contributor

Write about what pisses you off – that’s your passion. Believe in the power of your voice. You matter.” @melaniebcurtin <Click to Tweet>

Neil Hughes

Service Improvement Manager (ITIL CSI) at NEC Group ■ Technology Blog Writer

Avoid self-promotion and engage with your audience/network to offer helpful content and bring value to build valuable relationships.” @neilhughes   <Click to Tweet>

Brynne Tillman

Transforming the Way Professionals Grow Their Business Through LinkedIn & Social Selling ▶

Before a client meeting, look up on @LinkedIn who they know that you’d like to meet and ask for introductions” #socialsales @socialsaleslink <Click to Tweet>

Now please join in on the fun! Provide your social networking tips below, and I will make sure to Tweet them out!

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